Thursday, November 2, 2006

Lost Season 3 Episode 5 Clues - A High Price to Stay Alive

As I said in the spoilers blog for this episode, “The Cost of Living” does not refer to economics!

It refers to what people have to do to survive in extreme circumstances, whether on the island or in the circumstances that brought them there. This is the case, whether for an Other like Ben, or for Eko. For Eko as we now know, the cost of living always high.

In the confrontation in the woods, the little boy says it is time to confess. In the end, Eko has come to spiritual grips with his life or so we think.

But why? Lost characters die when they achieve self-realization. If you want to survive and keep collecting the fat paycheck, remain totally and completely clueless :).

Here, Eko's self-realization was that he made all the right choices, but that is not what we expected. We expected that like Locke he would admit he was wrong - in killing all the bad people and drug smuggling. However, he could not do that.

The cost? The pain of stealing and the consequences imposed by the church. Eko also kills to survive. He was a bad-a__.

Smokey was portrayed as an avenging hand of divine power, almost literally hand-like tossing Eko from tree to ground. This has left me confused ... until the end of this blog entry. In the flashback the woman told Eko that he owes Yenni a church. Aha, now we know why Eko was building and island church. However he never finished it. His death was premature. He died before fully coming to grips with his life and completing the church.

Probably a result of his driving arrest in Hawaii and not the show. An intersection of real-life with the Lost world. The clue here is, don't drink and drive. Click here to see what that might refer to.

Talking about remaining thoroughly clueless, back to the beach Losties. Hurley observes that Locke’s leadership style is different from Jack’s. Huh, imagine that! Someone with a plan! Jack would just go off pig-headedly on his “mission” without planning or backup. Locke is different, or is he? He asks for volunteers among the herd. Hurley is like a Shakespearean chorus with his comment (ok not that eloquent). But his point is well taken and has bothered me about Jack, and Hurley too. Jack was a bad leader, never with a good plan. Finally someone points that out! I hope this was an intentional clue by the writers that we will see good field operations by the Losties’ in the future (hint hint hint hint! A real clue).

What about the lovable Others? Their funeral clothes were like a uniform. All wearing the white cloaks or shirts. Yep a cult. Ben claims that the Others are now off plan and that the kidnapping was all about turning Jack so he will operate on Ben. For some reason I have trouble believing Ben. How do we know he isn’t on plan in telling Jack they are off-plan? Hmmm. That's it!

Ben is a liar, and ran a con game on Sawyer last week, and probably needs Sawyer for another con. It was ironic that Juliet comes in and plays a movie saying just that, namely Ben is a liar. Now everyone is saying it … So maybe in the it really isn’t true. However, I bet it is.

Maybe Ben really is the good guy like he was saying all along… NOT. Are we to believe there are two factions of Others so pitted against each other that they will resort to civil war? That is what Juliet is suggesting. We have seen lots of clues of conflict between Ben and Juliet. But the conflict was over what book to read at the book club, not death. After all, Ben seemed willing to allow Juliet to die when Jack flooded the fish tank hatch. However, Juliet must have known there was not enough water to fill it, so her life really was not at risk.

In conclusion, this merry Clues Blogger is skeptical about Juliet’s pitch until we get more clues.

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