Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Lost Clues from Fist Episode of Season 3

This is where it all began with the Clues Blog. My first episode blog in Season 3 (Episode 1). This blog contains a modified version of what I posted originally on

The title for this episode was A Tale of Two Cities.

The episode begins in the classic Lost way, with an opening eye. Well what's revealed, an open book as we will see.

A cult on an isolated island unknown to the outside world. That's what the others seem like, and they like it that way.

Fenry is the leader, and orders others to spy. Get lists - lists are important. Here names of passengers. Following cult theory, why kill them, here are potential members or slaves.

Just like the Borg - assimilate, don't necessarily kill.

Kate’s jailer Zeke, aka Mr. Friendly, says “you’re not my type”. A gender preference clue? Or just a put down. Hmmmmm. The first gay character?

Is this a retraining experiment? The three prisoners being made to do things that their instincts tell them not to do. Jack is stubborn & needs to stop. Kate, given a nice dress, Sawyer, Pavlov experimentation.

Working on Jack, since he sat in corner, but it was a set up but then he was punished with the water, so making progress..

Sawyer, completely independent and being trained to depend on others. Training worked on Sawyer b/c he followed escapee.

Kate's wrist marks: clues to her struggles. We do not know how much time elapsed between when she has breakfast with Fenry-Ben and her return to Sawyer.

New “Hydra” hatch station of the Dharma Initiative, or the Hanso Foundation.

Juliette implies the Others have outside contact. With whom?

Back to the beginning, the book shown was Stephen King's Carrie. However, each person actually was holding what appeared to be different versions of the book or more likely different books. This is no normal book group! Carrie is the one shown to us. Someone who is in the publishing industry has told me that the version shown is a hardcover edition, that likely is a vintage edition, no longer in print. Perhaps it was used to date stamp the time when the Others came to the island. My theory is that it shows the closeness of the production to Stephen King himself. Perhaps the edition shown was not only a vintage edition, but was provided as a prop by the author. They love him on Lost. Notice several other Stephen King references.

The CD disk? Interestingly, the song played was Petula Clark's Downtown, but the actual disk that Juliette puts in the CD player was Talking Heads Speaking In Tongues.