Saturday, February 3, 2007

Lost Season 3: Part Deux

Part II of Lost Season 3 is about to begin, with the long awaited broadcast of "Not In Portland" on February 7, 10 p.m.

I will be posting my clues summary for the episode in my new Contender's Lost Spoilers blog, and also another summary for the Forums.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

New Lost Broadcast Time Announced by ABC Television

ABC announced today that Lost now will air at 10:00 p.m. on Wednesdays, starting with the Not In Portland episode scheduled for February 7, 2007. Doesn't it seem ABC is moving Lost later and later?

It is a TV show for adults so maybe ABC is making sense with this move. Also Lost has been a ratings hazard for shows aired afterwards - since a lot of the Lost fans come here on the Internet to read blogs like this after the show!

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

The New Clues Blog

Here I am going to blog on clues that I have found in the Lost show on ABC. I will continue to post my main clues blog on, so go there for the most up-to-date clues from each show, and for some good discussion. This blog supplements my main blog at Lost Exposed in a different format, and I also will add in some new stuff as I think of it!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Lost Clues Blog: "I DO" Season 3, Episode 6 - Mid-Season Mini-Finale

As I said in the Spoilers Blog for this episode there would be more than one cliffhanger. And of course, the spoilers are always correct :). Who knew how close our information was! … not really “spit in the ocean” speculation after all.

There were a trio of cliffhangers. Does Kate run and leave Sawyer (or take him along)? What is the source of Kate's huge loyalty to Jack? And of course ho humm, does Jack really kill Ben, or does Juliet?

Back to Locke the island master, and sensible Sayid. Locke gives a MEGA CLUE. The plane was brought down by the Smoke Monster. Yes you heard it correctly. Smokie shot down the plane. In fact, if you go back and review the plane crash from episode 1 of season 3, you will see an unnatural smoke pattern. Smokie deliberately shot down the plane. Bad Smokie.... Bad Smokie.

Talking about clues, finally, Jack is getting a clue. One of my complaints about Lost has been the completely how really bad a leader Jack is. Finally, Jack gets some street smarts and is playing the others like they play him. His plan is clever. Jack spies Kate and Sawyer’s passion – exactly as the Others planned. He’ll operate freely on Ben, in return for getting off “THIS” island. Finally it seems the Others have turned him, but not really we will see. Sounds like he’s angry about losing Kate, after all, Jack is a jealous man.

But he also is Chuck Norris Jack, the man with a plan: hold Ben and his kidney hostage.

On the other hand deep down, he still is clueless Jack. He demands to get off “THIS” island. Of course Jack, sure, the Others have no problem with that. Off THIS little island, and back to the OTHER Others’ island – where all the other Losties are stranded.

“I Do” – not the most suspenseful title – until we expose the clues here. On the surface, the title is exactly what the spoilers said. Kate puts on the white wedding dress and veil and gets married to Kevin (Kelvin?), the love of her life. Or is he? “I Do” also is a commitment, by Kate of loyalty to Jack. And it also is Kate’s consummation of her passion for Sawyer.

But this is Lost, so we have even more clues … the Kate-Jack fans should not despair, … Jack makes his play on Sawyer, and Kate. RUN … the implication is to ditch Sawyer, and call Jack when she gets home, kind of like ET call home.

The clue is Kate's reaction … there is a serious connection between her and Jack. She replies, I won’t leave without you. The pastor at her wedding notes her devotion before the “I do”. Here again she shows her devotion, to Jack. We have had clues to her devotion throughout this season. First asking where Jack is. Later refusing to run away without Jack.

There actually is a spoiler embedded in Jack’s demand. I will post it in spoiler's blog, linked in the right column ... that way ------->

Eko comes back from the dead, with a new inscription on his wuppin’ stick: “turn your eye upward and look north”. North, that's where Locke must go to find Jack, Kate and Sawyer.

Juliet says, I’m good at following orders. Who is giving her orders? She has been following a script all along.

On final clue. While Jack is operating those evil healthy Others go to kill Sawyer. Jack was not on “Jacob’s list”. Who is Jacob? Of course, that hidden other Other leader, or maybe just the guy who Benry sent out to spy. However, the list is more than just an ordinary every day passenger list. It is the life and death list, and Jack is not on it. But Sawyer is, so he must be executed.